The Match Factory is a Humanities & Sciences online literary magazine, affiliated with H & S’s Writing Program. We only publish work that has been stirred in the cauldron of creation, born out of a hail of sparks, the incendiary, the new, art that stings & blasts and has the high sheen of hot-rolled steel. Here we hope to bring you creative writing and visual art trundled out of the mysterious past by regional rail or the Trans-Europe Express, art that fumes into all our tomorrows by bullet rail through Oriental Transways of the mind and swoop-along cable-car dispatches through the Machu Picchus of the heart. Atavistic and shamanistic, work that cuts to the bone, unravels to the bleeding edge, punk and salsa, cyber and human, a mixture of yesterdays and the now and the never-was.

We believe, as the poet Stephen Dobyns believes, that one “cannot be timorous and reticent” when engaged in the act of creation; the artist “must be original and loud . . . new metaphors, new rhythms, new expressions of emotion can only spring from unhindered gall.”

The Match Factory will produce a maximum of two issues a year, featuring work by SVA students and instructors—(please see Submission Guidelines if you wish to submit your work).


Editor—Edwin Rivera (riveramatchfactory@gmail.com)

Visual DesignColin Goldberg

Editor’s Note: A million thanks go to Maryhelen Hendricks, Co-Chair of the Humanities and Sciences Department at the School of Visual Arts, whose idea it was to start an online magazine (with all the sound and fury that entails), and who gave me the immeasurable freedom to develop the project as I saw fit; thanks also go to Laurie Johenning, for her invaluable assistance and enthusiasm, along with the always helpful and ever-amiable Susan Kim, and to Colin Goldberg and William Fuentes for their brilliant and beautiful design work; final thanks go to Louis Phillips—that endless font of laughs and wisdom—for his care and advice.