A grey Acura TSX rides down a dusty rural two way highway with its headlights on.

The car is filled with brown boxes and has a NYU bumper sticker on its back.

Beside some patches of grass and road signs, there is nothing particularly interesting on the road except for a neon-lighted club in the far distance of the car.


TOM, a 19 year old American man drives the car, wearing an open striped Dodger’s jersey and white shirt.

On closer inspection, the brown boxes in the car are filled with clothing, papers, binders, and various other things that a college student would need.

The car radio is on lightly, playing a staticy station running a muffled car commercial.

A distant, and mostly bassy EDM song is heard outside of the car.

Tom is tapping the wheel of the car. He is slumped in his seat staring blankly at the road ahead of him.

He glances at the yellow line on the right border of the road before looking again forward.

His eyes droop and he rubs them before once again looking to the side of the road.


As Tom’s eyes nearly shut, the windshield of the car shatters as a large entity shaped as a deer hits it.

Tom swerves his car off the side of the road. The car limps on the side of the dusty road, screeching to a full stop with with what seems like a flat tire.

Breathing heavily, Tom remains still, with both his hands locked stiffly to the wheel.


Holy shit!


Through the rough stifling sounds coming from Tom’s car engine Tom hears moans from in front of the car where the large entity must of landed.


After a moment, Tom leaves his seat, to examine the new condition of his car, and to see what had done such damage to it.

As Tom approaches the dear-like entity, with brown fur, antlers, and hooves, he realizes he was been mistaken by his judgement. The deer he believed he had run over is actually a man in a deer suit.

TONY, a 26 year old Italian man with a heavy spray tan laid motionless on the ground, with blood dripping through his deer costume.

Unable to accept what he had just done, he turned away. As he felt his heart sink, he placed his hand onto it.

As thoughts raced through his head, he placed his other hand on his forehead.

Audible outside of the car now was the neon-lighted club across the street.

Tom’s heart rate began to rise to where it began palpitating alongside the EDM music.

Right when Tom had grasped the idea that he had just murdered someone, a light murmuring came Tony. Tom ran to hear what he had to say.


Tell my wife… I love her.

With that message, Tony let out his last breath and became motionless.

A single tear dropped from Tom’s right eye. Tom closed Tony’s eyes.



Waddling from the direction of the neon-lighted club is MARGARET, a 27 year old looking Italian woman, who is also layered with a strong spray tan and a deer costume.



TOM stood up, closing and reopening his eyes with a large, deep breath. Regardless of the pent up guilt and unprecendented fear he was feeling, he was ready to tell her what he had done.

As Margaret waddles closer to Tom and Tony, she stares at Tony and her face became more and more puzzled.

Suddenly, a Hyundai Trajet rolling down the other side of the road hits Margaret.

Tom, bewildered, watches as Margaret’s body flies an unusually far distance.

He puts his hand to this mouth and looks down to Tony and back towards Margaret.

Margaret’s body landed in a dusty area off the road, laying still on her stomach.

The Hyundai with a large dent swerves off the road and stopps before where Margaret’s body had landed.

Tom, leaving Tony’s body, runs over to Margaret. As he approaches her motionless body he realizes the hit by the Hyundai had too tragedically ended died by the hit from the Hyundai.

Tom looks away from her corpse and gags. After a couple of seconds he goes over to Margaret’s body and kneels by it, touching his forehead.

SANTIAGO, a 33 year old Peruvian man exits the Hyundai, and slowly approaches Margaret’s body with his hand over his mouth.

Tom hears Santiago’s footsteps and looks back to him.

Santiago places his hand down from his face and looks around him.

After spotting the club he points towards it and looks at Tom with a worried expression on his face.


(with his voice shaking)

Go! Get help!

Tom runs towards the neon-lighted club.

Santiago approaches where Tom was kneeling.




As Tom approaches the club, the EDM music becomes louder and louder. He can hear more and more of the high frequency sounds coming from it.


As he swings open the doors, the full sound quality and volume of EDM music is audible.

As Tom runs across the club, he notices the dance floor. It is filled with young people wearing animal costumes. A majority of people are wearing farm animal costumes.

Becoming out of breath, Tom stops, placing his hands on the back of his head. He watches the people dancing.

Looking around, Tom notices a bar. Serving a beer to a man in a duck costume is JENNY, a 32 year old Polish female woman dressed as a cow.



Jenny points to her ear.




Jenny waves and smiles.


There’s a guy outside!

Jenny tilts her head down.

Tom looks back at the people dancing.


He just hit two people!

Jenny eyes open wide open.

She motions with her finger behind the bar area.


I’ll call 911!

She runs behind the bar area.


Tom notices an unoccupied small window pointing towards the direction of his car and the incident.

Tom runs towards it looking for Santiago.

Tom eyes open wide and he leans into the window.

Outside, Santiago drags Margaret by her right leg towards the front of Tom’s car.

Tom makes a fist with his hand.


(through the glass)


The people near Tom look at him. Tom looks at them and back and where Jenny left.

He sprints towards the door he had just entered, bumping into and knocking people down as he runs.


In his car, Santiago shifts his manual transmission into drive. He slams his foot as hard as he can onto his gas pedal.


The Hyundai Trajet’s engine makes an unpleasant sound and it blasts away.


(exacerbated from running)


Tom chases after Santiago’s car.

He runs out of breath but continues walking in the direction of him.

He stops walking and his head drops. The only things audible is the fading sound of the engine of Santiago’s car, the howling wind, the engine of Tom’s car, and the distant club music.

He turns back to the club and squints his eyes. He looks at his car.

He slowly walks to his car while staring at the club.


He enters his car and backs it up. He turns it around in the direction of Santiago and drives off.

As Tom’s demented Acura leaves, all that is left is the two deer bodies, the sound of the club, and Tom’s car engine.

Jenny runs to the curb of the club, notices the bodies, and looks down the direction of the road Tom and Santiago went down.



Ryan Greene’s script “Deer Crossing” won first prize in the Seventh Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. Ryan is a freshman Film student from Rutherford, New Jersey in the School of Visual Arts, where he held his town’s first high school film festival. He recently completed his spring semester film.

Judges Louis Phillips, Susan Mosakowski, & Mark Curley had this to say about Ryan’s prize-winning script: “Deer Crossing” is a finely crafted screenplay with a number of surprises for the readers and potential film audiences. The visual elements are strong and the minimal dialogue true to life. The story resonates with readers because so many persons have experienced car accidents first hand (one judge recounted two accidents caused by a deer crashing into her car) and all of us are made aware every day of fatal or near-fatal traffic encounters. But the real strength of “Deer Crossing” is its moral dimension of persons taking or not taking responsibility for tragic occurrences. Who wants to be involved? Who wants to be a witness? This script provides the basis for a short film that would give viewers much to think about, much to discuss.