Countless species live in the world: human beings, animals, plants. We should love and treasure one another because God created us and hoped we could become friends. However, many humans kill, trap and use animals to make profits. They torture animals, separate their families, cut and collect parts of their bodies, occupy their living places. They think they are at the top of the food chain and have more wisdom so they can do whatever they want to other creatures. I totally disagree with those humans. They do not have any right to make decisions to control other lives on the planet.  I regard them as killers and murderers. I love animals. We should help and protect our friends. We are equal. They deserve to live happily in the world.

In the past, I saw a documentary which talked about killer whales. Some people captured a baby killer whale named C and separated him from his family. Humans put C in a small pool and trained him so that he could perform shows in front of people. He was always  bitten by two other killer whales because his bad performances led to punishment so that all of them had no food to eat. As time went by, he got a mental disease and killed several trainers. The ironic thing is, according to history, wild killer whales never killed human beings. After watching this documentary, I kept thinking about this for a long time. In the movie, the leaders of the organization that held him captive wanted to keep earning profits from C and hid the truth that he killed his trainers. Because of the leaders’ selfishness, they ruined both C and the trainers’ families. The leaders regarded lives as toys. If they learnt to change their thoughts and see from C’s point of view, if somebody kidnapped them and compelled them to do the work they didn’t like, wouldn’t they feel tortured? I know it may be difficult to choose between the attraction of money and respect for other species, so every time when we stand at the edge of breaking moral rules and harming animals, we should remember to stand on animals’ feet and consider. I believe most humans will change their minds.

In one episode of Chef’s Table, one of the most famous chefs in the world explored taste and finally decided to use musk deers’ lips as the main ingredients. I was shocked. What’s more, they cut the lips when the musks are still young to assure the taste. How could musk survive without their lips? I think cutting parts off the bodies is much worse than killing them. After losing a part of their bodies, they won’t die immediately. They will struggle for a period of time, then die. During that time, it’s easy to imagine how fearful and in pain they are. It’s similar to cutting sharks’ fins and throwing the sharks back into the sea. If humans can control their desires to enjoy part of animals’ bodies, those animals won’t need to die. For instance, more and more people are becoming vegans. They set good models for other humans. They would rather lose the chance of enjoying good taste than lose their animal friends. We have a lot of appetite for delicious food. And there are countless types of ingredients such as mushrooms and potatoes that can make tasty delicacies. What’s more, in another episode of CHEF’S TABLE, there was a monk from Korea who lived in the forest and she just relied on vegetation to make food, and became one of the most famous chefs in the world. But animals have only one life. So why not control our appetite for animals? Then we can both enjoy food and have friends to accompany us. If we don’t eat animals, we won’t die. But if we eat animals, they will die.

Because of the way humans treat animals, they all fear us. Gradually, no animals will want to come close to humans and let us touch them. Sometimes, when we get close and truly want to make friends with them, they will regard this movement as a signal of danger and attack us or run away. It makes me feel frustrated. I have liked animals since I was a baby. But because of the language barrier between us, I can’t tell them that not all humans are bad. In the past, every time I saw the news about a boy making friends with snakes, or a girl having a lot of wild animal friends, I would think and dream for a really long time, trying to find out if I was the the boy or the girl. How happy would I feel? How I would play with my animals friends! I would wonder how they managed to get so close to the animals, and what the boy or the girl did so that the animals liked to make friends with humans.

Even if animals don’t trust humans now, I won’t give up helping them live a better life. In my future, I would try to donate money for animals and stop humans from harming animals. We should be friendly to animals and treasure them. Otherwise, we will lose this gift from God.

Yijing Wang is a sophomore majoring in Interior Design at the School of Visual Arts. Yijing loves nature, and surrealism and abstraction in the arts.