I believe that someone can live alone and not with anyone else, even if I know I can’t do it. Most people, even encyclopedias, define society as the sum of relationships between people and the environment. People are social animals. As long as there are people who have a social existence, there will be various networks of relationships. They cannot deny the importance of partners, but I think that there is nothing different between being only one person or joining a group of people. It is undeniable that being alone is sometimes more convenient. But when there are many people, there is a variety of happiness. Thus I don’t think it’s a big deal for me to be alone. Satisfaction is what I give myself. I will not force myself to socialize simply because I’m feeling lonely.

A person who can be completely independent must have a powerful inner world. For me, it will be more sorrowful if there is no one accompanying me when going through sadness. If I am happy, loneliness will lose so much fun. A person’s inner world must be vibrant. And this kind of person, in my view, is as charming as the future advanced life forms described in sci-fi movies. Perhaps in the following few centuries, my belief will be just an illusion. Still, once such an idea becomes a reality, human society will become more efficient and peaceful than ever before. The downside is that it will also reduce the diversity of culture.

Wenxin Jiang is a freshman majoring in Design at SVA. Wenxin hails from Sichuan, China.