All Men Must Fry
Beard Science
Dirty Dining
Hazardous Material Girl
He Came in Like a Rexer Ball
Please Hammer, Don't Hurt Him
Would You Just Phone Home Already



Art is lunacy with a structure; and in our harried cultural landscape, where even the memory of something as overwhelming and immense as Kim Kardashian’s shining bomb bay door on the cover of Paper magazine can fade faster than the sound of one hand clapping, it’s nothing short of miraculous to be able to seize upon an image and retain it. elkfoot, the young artist we are proud to feature in the pages of The Match Factory, is capable of crafting the memorable composition. He is an artist who takes American archetypes familiar to legions and pulverizes them. In elkfoot’s world 80s sirens metamorphose into bearded satyrs, Ronald McDonald is a bloody tyrant, and SVA instructors colossal with their critiques ride roughshod on wrecking balls. We can imagine a dance of mischief about the eyes of this artist as he goes about his wicked work. His art is the critique of culture, done with the mad cackle; and you may laugh right along with him as you observe his work, though the laughter may trickle off into a nervous titter. For his art is not just loving homage to a Western superpower saturated with pop culture; there are also sly digs at the empty promises offered up by the Hollywood mainstream. In elkfoot’s world, E.T. could have phoned home—he simply just didn’t want to because he discovered the pleasures of the erotic life here on Earth.

elkfoot (otherwise known as Billy Ellmore) is a sculptor and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. His playful tableau photography is often nostalgic and self-referential with a humorous flair. elkfoot hails from Sheboygan, WI (b. 1982) and moved to New York in 2012 to attend the School of Visual Arts. He is currently a junior at SVA and is majoring in Photography. elkfoot’s photography can be viewed at