Sophia was one of three. She would always be one of three unless she became one of two, but then she would not be Sophia anymore she would be Nevada.

Nevada lived in the south of France and sang at small bars even though she could not sing or play the guitar so the audience would throw pineapples at her. Nevertheless, Sophia was not Nevada she was one of three. She also was not a fan of pineapples.

But sometimes Sophia was not Sophia. Sometimes she was someone else. Once while at a wedding someone asked who she was. She responded I am Nancy’s daughter. Yes that is who I am. But of course Sophia was not Nancy’s daughter she was Sophia.

Sophia wondered why she had said this, but to be fair she often confessed to being people she was not. Her acquaintances frequently asked if it was her they saw at the supermarket or at the library. She always remarked of course it was me who else could it be, but it was not her. She found amusement in tricking them to believe she was someone she was not. However, soon this too bored her.

Sophia resolved to go far away. She got on a plane but as the plane was about to land it ran into turbulence. The passengers started to scream and cry. The woman next to Sophia started to laugh so Sophia laughed as well. Sophia was not amused. She did not go on a plane again.

While away Sophia met a woman with two dogs named Later and Never. Sophia thought Later was better than Never. Sophia liked Later so much that she decided to steal her from the woman.

Sophia traveled home. Home is where she stayed and slept for days, months, and years. Until she awoke and no longer longed to sleep. She would run. When people saw her run past they would say look there goes Sophia. There she would go.

But soon she was tired of running. So she stopped and became a clown. Nonetheless, she realized being a clown was not just face paint and balloon animals. She tried all she could but she could not make the children smile. But that wasn’t Sophia. Sophia could always make children smile. So she quit clowning around and moved to California.

But California was not what Sophia needed. Sophia once knew a girl who proclaimed she was going to become a mermaid but she never did.

Emily Jacoby’s story “Stein’s Intermission” won third prize in the Fourth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Contest. Emily is a second-year Visual and Critical Studies major at SVA.