'He Came in Like a Rexer Ball' by Elkfoot

‘He Came in Like a Rexer Ball’ by this issue’s featured artist, Elkfoot

Welcome to the second issue of The Match Factory, where language and imagery blaze hot in the mind, like meteor showers streaking across a western sky. Here you will read a beautiful story about one young man’s contemplations of the mysteries of life after the death of a parent; an evocative tale concerning a nightclub chanteuse who discovers a penchant for violence; and a topical narrative about exploited Chinese workers trapped in the crushing cycle of a low-wage existence—where the best option is self-destruction. You will also read an eye-opening memoir piece about life in Kuwait, where a young woman is befuddled by the lack of sex in a sex-education course, and the searing personal narrative of one young man and his primal vision of life, whose ultimate fate is to experience the “bitter taste of melancholy’s kiss.” We also have powerful poetics written both by faculty and students, as well as questing and experimental work that jabs at our social mores and punctures all expectations. You will also find an atmospheric episode of Radio Cinema, which concerns a murderous noir antihero on his last legs. Lastly, we at the The Match Factory are proud to feature the work of elkfoot, one of SVA’s Photography students, whose fascinating images you will find inside.

Art is the echo to which the human voice redounds, to our everlasting credit as a species. Our puny inexhaustible voices will never cease their joys and their laments, and the creative contributions in this magazine prove as much.

Some are made sane, others into angels, and the artist—that mad demonic figure flinging sparks from a radiant body—is molded purely in the action of flame.

So come, enter The Match Factory. Let’s smolder together.