Well, we rolled away the stone, lifted the lid of the ol’ bonebox, cracked open the spirit-vault and dug deep into the ruins just to bring you this third issue of The Match Factory. Here you’ll find a rich mosaic of voices hailing from countries as far-flung as Thailand, where a young woman boldly confronts the thorny issue of skin color in her lush homeland, to a keen-eyed exhibition review of the recent work of Syrian architect Khaled Malas. You’ll also read the tale of a man who discovers that love is the ultimate ambassador of despair, along with the turbo tenaciousness of a poem that emits one long fringe howl against injustice. There’s a poem that can teach you the right way to eat a pomegranate and the best way to fall in love. Explore the self-surrender of a young girl begging for salvation from hell’s hidden hotness, and witness a dinner date gone hilariously wrong.

There are cartoons drawn by Amber Ross with captions so funny that they will carom around inside you and ting-ting-ting your funny bone to tapioca pudding.

And, after much heavy labor, we’ve managed to uncover from the recesses a treasure-trove fat with correspondence; and once we sat down to read in wonder, discovered that they were the long-lost letters of literary titans.

Finally, we humbly present the jewel on the showcard: stunning images of China by SVA student Zhi Xuan Zhang, who is our featured artist.

There’s no shortage of improvisation to the melodious motley in this issue of The Match Factory, shake-and-bake, bick bick bickety buck. The contents may be pure candela and too hot to handle, and there’s language molten enough to thaw the permafrost of deepest Antarctica, but that’s all the more power to hot-rivet the attention. So stick around awhile. Let’s melt together.

 'People in A Small Island' from featured artist Zhi Xuan Zhang.

‘People on a Small Island’ from featured artist Zhi Xuan Zhang. Click Here for more from this artist.