Three days ago I spent $50 on gas.

$50 equals 8 hours of work.

Two days ago, I drove all day,

1/2 of my tank, gone.

25 miles per gallon.


Yesterday, my best friend died.


He was in an accident.

His tank? 1/4 of the way full.

27 miles per gallon.

The funeral, 150 miles away,

There and back 300 miles.

1 full tank of gas.


Today, I filled up 1/2 of my tank.

$25 of gas.

After the funeral I refilled my tank,

Another $25 of gas.

I drove, $50 of gas to waste.


$50 of gas equals freedom,

Driving on an open road,

25 miles per gallon.

I have 300 miles of freedom.

I am free.


Linnea McGinness began her creative writing journey when she was in the seventh grade. She is currently a junior studying Film at the School of Visual Arts. Linnea hopes to continue to use her stories and films to inspire and impact people throughout the world.