can I be a prayer beneath
blood orange mornings in bhutan
the tara river before tourists
the red sea before it swallowed pharaohs
what the ganges river meant to be?

if you can’t turn me into a river
can I be a pair of eyes?
my conscience is too heavy
I’ll keep my spirit

I want to die
just promise me I won’t return to dust
I hate dirt.


Gabrielle L. Randall’s poem “Ai” won second prize in the Sixth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. In 2016, Gabrielle won first prize for her poem “Angel’s Trumpet” and second prize for her script “Fire Mouth.” Gabrielle hails from Columbia, Maryland, and she is a senior majoring in Film. “One of my writing teachers from SVA once told me to ‘write a story that can come only from you,'” Gabrielle wrote, “and I took that very seriously.”