I’ve been walking from night to day,
My hair stops growing before decay,
For forty-eight months on my way,
And passing by forty-eight cities,
No one tells me to stay.

I’ve been striving from nowhere to west,
Along the coast to Mount Everest,
Seven-thousand miles the test,
And meet seven thousand people–
No one tells me to rest.

I’ve been questioning from dark to bright,
Never get any answers I might,
The pilgrimage leads me to no light,
And not even the edge of dawn,
I am ignorant of what is right.

When the stars illuminate the endless dune,
The camel exclaims with nervous tune,
Looking up at the somber moon,
At the midnight of the last day of June,
I hear ocarina by the River Lune.

Stars pour in the River Lune,
In the contour of a silver spoon,
Prolonged the last note,
The ocarina freezes near soon.

I want everyone to see me,
But no one knows who I am,
I want everyone to hear me,
But no one understands what I say,
I want everyone to touch me,
But no one ever tries.

I want everything and everything,
But no regret or regret.
I want nothing and nothing,
But no love or love.
If you think that I look bristly,
Will you give me a cloth of shelter?
If you think that I sound thirsty,
Will you give me a drop of water?

I have the legs, I have the arms,
I have the roads, I have the trees,
I have a thousand mountains,
And a thousand rivers,
A thousand moons,
And a thousand suns.

But no,
I have no eyes, I have no tongue,
I have no water, I have no shelter,
I have neither everything,
Nor nothing.

Never in the same place will I remain,
So I keep walking even in vain,
To the opposite of the world mundane,
My body suffers in terrible pain.
Yet my mind stays free maintained.

Jerusalem is already near,
All I long for is the Lord’s tear,
Ten years
Is merely one moment appear,
Leaving all the footprints in the rear.

Once I asked endlessly,
When would you come with me,
If I give you my liberty,
If I give you my honesty,
When would you come with me?

The earth walks beneath my feet,
The water runs beside my body,
The sunset climbs over me,
Without eyes I can see you,
Without tongue you can hear me.

Now the pantheon is forty-eight steps away,
I see forty-eight faces in my brain,
They have seven thousand names,
And seven thousand tastes,
My mind is overwhelmed with pain.

I stop in front of the sacred gate,
To go or not I hesitate,
What is the meaning of this date?
You say.

So I never make the day,
To meet the Lord in the brightest sunray,
Presence of mind I no longer retain,
You say.

I have already got the answer,
That I do not need to go any further,
Neither the mind nor body matters,
All the hardships I have suffered,
Become my strongest armor.

I no longer need water,
I no longer need shelter,
Elapse is my best protector,
I lived my whole life like an hour,
I am just a lonely ascetic,
Walking across the deepest river.

If I condense one hundred years,
Into an hour, that is a dream,
If I expand one hour
Into a hundred years,
That is life.

Lisha Yan is a second-year Fine Arts major at SVA.