The moon dances in ten veils of glory,

On two peaks where I stood and watched the world

Massacre enemy and kin in the rat race.

I flew disguised as a swallow,

Closed lids, broken beak, I flew around the earth six times.

I once saw my reflection shine from within,

She smiled at me and ran away into the cool forest.

We used to hunt together.

 Her absence cracks my fatal bow.

I’m tired of playing with these arrows.


Claudia Shaldervan’s poem “Ashes and Reflections won third prize in the Sixth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. Her poems “Song of the Night Spirit” and “Night Fiends” were published in the Spring 2017 issue of The Match Factory. Claudia is an interdisciplinary artist and writer from New Jersey. Her art involves photography, drawing, traditional and digital painting, and explores notions of identity. She is a sophomore majoring in Fine Arts at SVA.