They said we came from an explosion.

Before us it was all bleak and tasteless,

Except for the occasional pinch of fear

That came with the pitch-black darkness.

Then a rumble occurred,

A spark that lit the fuse on TNT


Once complete darkness replaced

By us, millions of lights radiating warmth.

We’ve been singing merry gay tunes

And dancing to the beat of our own sound

Ever since we could remember.


We were young, naïve and full of energy,

Shining so brightly that

We rivaled even the Sun’s own radiance.

Oh, he was not happy about that.

We didn’t care, though

We were larger in number and brighter

For you all day every day.

We saw we were needed by

Small fragile beings who cowered once, the

Sun who boasted of his warmth and light,


We protected you with our light from the grasps

Of the corrupted darkness.

Through fires, earthquakes, murders,

Sorrows and horrors,

We shined down for you

Becoming the embodiment of hope.


We were worshiped like gods,

Praised, admired, and


You cunningly used us,

Letting us believe we were helping and teaching you.

You gave us names: Orion,

Ursa Major, Ursa Minor,

Scorpio, Beetlejuice,



We took you under our arms,

Gave you the tools and

Showed you skills that you

Empty-headed beings couldn’t even

Think of.

We taught you how to figure out

When greens turned to reds and browns.

We taught you when

White crystals swiftly dancing


Bringing death would come.


Yet you abandoned


Like a thief in the night you took everything.

No longer were our lights needed to guide

Your pathetic lost souls.

We were replaced by polluting pulsing lights.

The pollution cloaked our warm embrace,

Yet naively we stayed here,




Our once merry tunes and dances,

Now painful cries for your attention.

Now withering screams of disgust that

Is seen only by few, but even those

Don’t always stop to see.

We shouldn’t have helped you,

We should have let the cold embrace of death

Wrap you up instead of wrapping you

With our own warmth.



Please, Please,

We beg still at times,

See us once again.

We are disappearing one by one and

You don’t even notice.

One day we won’t be there

When you need us.

But did you ever need us from the beginning?


Cecilia Rodriguez is a junior majoring in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts. She was born in Virginia and raised in Miami, Florida. Cecilia always had an interest in storytelling. She hopes one day to create children’s books filled with beautiful writing.