my body is passing through a period of government, of property,
of naming. follow the instructions carefully and fill in the bubble.
they say this is how you begin. it’s the illusion of becoming real.

just remembered to stop at the deli to buy milk for the morning
then back to the cold where the body is alive. it’s uncharted
territory: terra incognita (my computer tried to auto correct that
to incognito do men always have to own the unknown?): the
female body, the genderless spirit.

the aim of poetry is finding my way home.
turn right on essex and then right on delancey.

this book is a body that you’ve already read. loved for decades.
a history of hands touching.

and grocery bag in hand i carry the weight of every night
i spent with you. and my hand is cold as the wind picks up.
proof of summer’s end. warm milk. the epigraph.

i begin to study the map. i mark the coordinates.
curves across oceans legs moving hands pushing, reaching.
your hair and your wrinkles.
land and water an unknown mother.
pouring the milk and stirring my cup of coffee.
looks like clouds then fades away.

looks like clouds. looks like me.

Ellie Parker is a senior in the Film department (concentration in Directing) at SVA. Ellie is currently editing her thesis film Love Guts, which will screen at SVA’s Dusty Film & Animation Festival in May 2018.