on the journey of your life

you may find a traveling companion
who grows promises like leaves on a tree

and the door
to a little room inside yourself
opens to let in the green, the air, the light

but come autumn, the leaves darken and flee-
with the light-
from the tree

and the path you take
has forks and dips, and splits
around the bend, just out of sight

and all you can do
is sit within a little room inside yourself
and say “i thought you loved me”

and the door closes
and the light dims
and the leaves are free

Ella Stanborough is a sophomore majoring in Animation at SVA. Ella says, “Despite my choice to work visually, I still love to write, and my poetry is a much-loved escape from life into both storytelling and self-expression.” Check out more of her work at www.brewded.tumblr.com