The Sun dissolved across the horizon
Behind the window he rested his chin
Nodding his head to a resonating beat
From the hoarse humming of the engine

They came to a stop on an earthy hill
The boy stood up on his feet
As his bare arms soaked in the warmth
Of the serene omnipresent heat

A thundering harmony pierced their ears
His father clasped his hands together
The earnest plea of a lonesome cicada
Magnified through the cracks of his fingers

Evening Wind cradled the remnants of summer
As the Sky bathed in colors of soft hue
The shrill vocalists fell into silence
Except the single cry of wistful blue

The two sat in undisturbed beauty
With shadows that gently blanketed their bodies
Basking in the song of a cicada
And exchanging emotions of longing


Suyoung Yang is a Graphic Design student who will graduate in 2019. “I hope that my words will connect with you on a personal level or simply give you a moment of pause during your day.”