done did
but never will
I’ll amount to something maybe
when it’s written on my will
but here’s my testament
willing yet undefiant
really yet
troubling is
what bubbled and fizzed
in cracked cracks
of cracked pavements
where they shut his eyelids
but he still lives
This journey belongs to no one
father and son
where fathers become
my father became farther
my daughter will know her father
my son will know his laughter
by rains patter
whatever God allows
I’ll allow it
come and find me
I’ll be half dead
in the cock pit
with spit smeared on my top lip
As I die I want him fucking me
ass up face down
while playing a trumpet
I’m taking him with me
Our home will be empty
They lost me
but really no losses
dead alone, I’ll haunt your daughters
sitting in the bathroom shower
as she open the curtains I’ll sneak up behind her
She’ll cry and run out
I’ll follow behind her
she’ll lock the door behind her
flip the switch
to make it clearer
see my face in her mirror
a horror
black skin plastered
as it shatters


Josette Roberts was an Animation major who graduated from SVA in 2016. A freelance storyboard artist and layout designer, in her spare time she writes, and is currently working on developing a media network called “Black Gurl Arts.”