I come on too strong
Fathoming patience in the way a bee acquiesces to life,
A life that a broken thorn contradicts

What would one say,
All the while no words between the black lines
Or at least for someone so literal

Charismatic one could be, but to what degree
The echoing of their words subsiding under the rain
Faster than the feelings inspired by them

The feelings that linger within thoughts
The feelings that blossom as yellow lilies do
The feelings that decay in natural lifetimes

Eventually falling in line,
Who other than the doe-eyed could faint in such way
To feel despair in slow-motion

Joshua Rhule’s critical essay “Violence in Art: A Matter of Ethics?” won third prize in the Fourth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. He is a sophomore majoring in Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts. “My typical art direction is portraiture of the human figure constructed through various mediums, but a newfound intrigue has arisen in me during Visual Poetics class this spring. This class has taught me that the phrasing of certain words and/or a type of anonymity can give someone a particular beauty that painting them could not. I thankfully credit SVA with the figurative opening of my eyes in this way.”