Yeah, of course
I support it.
Why wouldn’t
I? Ok,
then say it.
But, I was
not asked to
give my side.
Have you ever actually said it in a discussion?
But they know
that I think
all matter.

Well, say it.
Just, say it!
Just three words,
that hold so
much meaning.
Do I even have a right to say it, and they already know I believe it by the way I talk about it, or the way I am silent about it and how I nod in agreement, they have to know what I believe in because I know, and it is so clear to me, so I must show it too and if I did oppose they would absolutely know because I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut debating what they say, they’d see me differently.
Do they know
I support
all the lives?

Wow, so that’s
So is it
to you then?
So then, you
wouldn’t risk
for what you
believe in?
This chant that
rings through your
spineless frame
that you can’t
even say.
You can stay
silent and
not suffer.
You write these words in your sketchbook because you’re too afraid just to say it out loud because
when you speak about it your body tenses up and your heart starts beating as you question what you should say without being offensive or acting like you know their struggle that you have
never been through.
Just change. You
can support
it without
being black.

Jake Masakayan is a freshman Design major at SVA. He enjoys discussions on political topics, which he incorporates into as many mediums as he can.