It’s twilight. Purple forest comes out from shadow.
No consequences. Time became fragments,
and die here to access the abstract world.
My ribs float out from backbones, spread behind the body.
It’s the freedom of infinite drifting.
Primitive and sensitive human’s heart,
The greatness of trying new things, the happiness which I never get used to.
At that moment I experience all things in the world;
when I turn my head to another side of my body, I see the beautiful eternality.
It flashes so fast. But I know it’s eternality, beautiful, and keeps changing.
That is a light pink and turquoise alien forest—serene and flimsy sweetness.
My human wisdom, logic, or memory are abandoned.
float to somewhere far away from the world
I become the wind; I become flat.
But I still watch, feel with my body, without disturbance of mind.

Siqi Lao’s poem, “I Want to Land on a Planet With Forest” won second prize in the Eighth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. Siqi’s short story, “The Wildness,” is published in this issue of The Match Factory. Siqi, who hails from Hong Kong, is a freshman in the BFA Fine Arts Department at SVA.