a thousand glories await us

who here has seen your sublime glory 

your memories seized by the sunken sky

frenzied by desire

frenzied by what you call sorrow

	what reduces you to a being
	what calls you home

taken again by the storm

towards the sunset

the reunion 
the rehabilitation

a thousand and one fires 

we see her at a distance
we see her at a distance!

I can just forget the world

making clay towers
sand castles 
out of his golden hair 
the book of matthew

a thousand
a thousand glories 
rushing through my head

a vision before death 

choruses singing their elegy in the distance

faint liturgies waiting to subsume us in blue

a thousand of your laughters
a thousand times reflected waiting for you 
i can feel myself become a part of you 

i want to hear the world sing and moan
at least take me far from here tonight 

i can hear the reindeer laugh 

i can hear her laughter echoing through a million chambers

sing me your lullabies i will not be forgotten

thank you for this 
thank you for illuminating the sky
thresholds of resplendence

i can taste her sympathy
i can feel her receding
i can await your splendor

you’re still here

we’re still waiting

where you see images,
i see the sun

will you see the new day 

sing us your melodies, oh piano man
sing us a song tonight
we’re permanently trapped between our voice and someone else’s 

rise up, you sunken one!
touch her hand
freeze your enemy
fight again Good 
tremble in victory

how quickly we disappear
eternity on the horizon
enemies on the run

do you remember me, my lord?

send me light

send me night

Stella Song is a third-year student majoring in Visual and Critical Studies at SVA. Her writings, paintings, films, and photography explore the momentary glimpse of a receding gloaming, visions of both chaos and order, and the structures underlying the individual experience of space and time. You can see some of her works at stellasong.net.