Ambrosia. 5

Becoming an aspect of heat. 3
Black onyx cup. 1
Bleeding like any other injury. 4
Breathing in magma, and. 3

Carmine. 1
Clean Steel. 4

Drawn out. 5
Dying to the surface world. 3

Fat petals dropping off the stem. 5
Flint scraping mouth edges. 1
Flower is plucked from its grave, a.  2
For there is no greater love than this. 2;	
For sex is agonizing, as it was explained to me. 3
Full veins. 5

Gash between legs. 6
Gash of a scalpel. 6
Golden vial. 5

Hand that rips through the water. 2

Iron oxide. 1

Justice. 1

Kissing the mirror. 2
Knife dreams. 1
Knife in a wound. 3

Lowering into the earth’s belly. 3
Love of yourself. 2
Medicine. 5
Men with cunts.  4
Metal tears. 1
Mother of fate. 

Narcissus was right.  2
Nothing grows again. 2

Phallic devices. 3
Properties of blood, cleansing.  6;
violating. 6
Pulled into the reflecting pool. 2
Punctured. 5
Purified, finally. 1

Rot that can’t be cleansed with salt. 4

Salt. 1; Salt-water, drinking. 1; Salt in the 
wound. 1; Salted earth. 2; Price of salt. 1
Shedding tears onto flowers. 2
Shimmering liquid. 5
Surely it was not my own. 4

Virtue. 1  

Whose body is this. 4
Wound, a. 3

Lior Zayat’s poem “index” won first prize in the Sixth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest.
Lior is a junior in the Visual & Critical Studies Department.

Judges Alison Armstrong & Kyoko Miyabe had this to say about Lior’s prize-winning poem:

“The winner, ‘index,’ stood out for its sophisticated and experimental form. It is visual, evoking images of disparate things, conditions, and colors. It appeals to all the senses. Each line — which is sometimes a word, a phrase, a fragmentary thought, or an important statement in its own right — irresistibly flows into the next, and results in a collage of abstract references. The poem is crafted in a way to produce multiple poems embedded within the whole. For example, in reading the lines that end in 2, one discovers a focused allusion to the story of Narcissus, which then opens up this mysterious series of lines to reveal hidden meanings. We now understand the title.”