It is one of those days –

Days like these I cannot suppress;

Fragile strings of thoughts entwined,

I yank them into a knotted mess.

Stifled by the air held in suspension,

My mind starts to fade away.

Shuddering silence subtly echoes

The stillness of time in Pompeii.

It is one of those days –

Days like these I choose to flee

The invitation of solitude

And confinement that I foresee.


Walking up the cement hill of ridges,

With trees that dress in gold and brown;

Apartments are the showboats,

Old but proud next to Shantytown;

Battered tiled-roofs and worn-out wires,

Forgotten signs and nameless addresses;

Traces of years unravel

The secret of peace in rawness.

Reminiscing the days of company,

When days were warm and mellow,

Cold nostalgia crawls back in

As my body wanders in wind’s crescendo.


I stand before the timeless view

Of what was seemingly nearby;

An outspread body of glistening water,

Blending into the unhampered sky.

Overwhelming vast expanse of the city,

Where movement never ceases to end.

Fettered by regrets and frets,

There is no spare time to spend.


Redolence of spring’s cherry blossom,

Lingering like the faint residue of snow;

Only if you were here to remain,

Merely in silence to lift my woe.

Together we would drown in the space,

Of clouds with skyscraping trees

That blissfully fill us with emptiness

And drift along with our worries.

It is one of those days –

Days like these I find humble serenity;

Returning to a path of certitude

Even in the absence of your empathy.


Suyoung Yang is a freshman studying Graphic Design at SVA. She was born in South Korea. “This poem is a dramatic monologue that describes a place and a state of mind that I escape to when I am lost or confused,” Suyoung says. “I’m sure many of us can relate to this.”