Children twist in merry dance
Swinging their fragile limbs
And shaking as if mad.

They bend and snap.
Knotting their bodies together in intricate patterns.
Fingers woven together
Weaved like vines as they taunt each other to continue their dance.

Faster, faster, the children dance.
Stomping their feet and clapping with glee.
Their wispy limbs snapping like trees.

From their wounds blossom saccharine tones.
Succulent and crisp
As crimson fruit blooms from their flesh.

Divine and sweet, their flesh fruit smells.
Tickled with a melancholy bitterness.
An alluring aroma that cannot be snuffed.

The children untwist their choking hold on one another.
Quiver over each other’s bodies.
Over fields of rose tinted souls
And indulge in the crop of their companions.

They bathe themselves in the honeyed tang
Lose themselves in human pleasure
As they gyrate their pure carcasses in gaiety.

Suffocating in the perfume of their joint arousal
The eaten eat
Squabble for yet more
As they ingest the brawn of their brothers
Guzzling its pulp and nectar as it pours over their parched psyche.

Their bloody petals wilt
Though they try to fill them with vitality
Dining on the flora of the innocent
Merging their souls with those they devour
As they pray to be blessed to dance in the eternity of immortality.

Venom spouts within their forms
Consuming their essence from their withering soma.
Its sickly perfume wafts through the air, smothering the young beneath its weight.

Retching and gagging the children cry.
Plea for forgiveness of their sins.
Though their hands are clasped in prayer and their knees drown in ichor
Nestled in their meaty palms lays the fruit of whom they beg forgiveness of.

Children twist in a tainted dance.
Warping their mangled muzzles
And crowing as if glad.

They swallow and pull
Sinking their fangs into the seed of life
Fingers sewn together
Now dancing in eternal demise.

Consume, consume, the children must.
A curse upon their lives.
For if they stop they will die.
As is the way of life.

Jennifer Rostowsky is a junior majoring in Illustration at SVA. She has a deep interest in the horror genre and the art of the macabre. She is heavily inspired by symbolist artists such as Odilon Redon and the poetry of Baudelaire.