Sandbag eyelids drive me to slumber

On a dark road in the Midwest

As I sit in the passenger’s seat

Headlights illuminating the forgotten path

Not a single star in the sky


And as I lay like a dead man,

Stuck between the teeth of my blankets and sheet,

A familiar warmth creeps in

Like the feeling of holding a lit match


A defense against the open window

That invites cold air

To rest its head on my shoulders


Then I drift off

Into a world I’ll forget next morning


Rory McBrady’s poem “Rest” won second prize in the Seventh Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. Rory is a sophomore Animation student at SVA who is originally from Ohio. While his main passion is visual art, he is heavily inspired by the surreal, avant-garde underground. He enjoys writing poetry, for he sees this as “drawing with words.”