A small parting of your lips
the size of a peach pit, your teeth shyly peering out
short (sweet) staggering breaths
delicate as a soap bubble’s skin
I could almost pop it with the slightest movement of my eyes
I let it consume me
I am steady
you are quaking

I hold your quaking in small hands
making my bones vibrate
and you taste of salt and honey
beads of sweat grow on my upper lip
(for added flavor)

you are my favorite fruit
and right now we are by the ocean peeling mangoes with our teeth
and right now I am peeling back your softness with my tongue
and right now you are a beautiful mango

I am steadily sweating
You are steadily quaking
and I hold your quaking with my body
my heart vibrates

and my lips follow your hips
and we are swimming in the ebbs of the ocean

and the moon (nosy moon) peers into the dusty window
she hears your last long sighs and whispers back at us
but I cannot hear her through our loud quiet loving

our tongues are mango pits still swollen with fruit flesh
(the final delicacy)
I am salivating in anticipation
as we slowly consume each other,
the last fibers of the night stuck between our teeth

Melody Sakura’s poem “Soft Resistance” won third prize in the Fifth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. She is a senior in the Fine Arts Department. Melody’s goals post-graduation are to become as close to a video game/cartoon character as humanly as is possible. Barring that, she’ll be trying to navigate the complexities that comprise making art within a world that values profit over humanity.