An elimination for every j in my name

Let it ripple through you Feel the sensation

My skin invites some very spicy connotations

Like a chili pepper with an expanded education

Ain’t from Chile, But I ain’t scared of exploration

Tired of the bigot’s determination

Of my people’s demonization

Make America the hub of non-tolerance

Turn us into a walled-in providence

Can we please get off of this?

To be honest I might have lost it

Or am I just lost in it?

Why repeat the process when there isn’t a grain to gain

I refuse to dissolve into this plain plane of reality

Get me on a plane, away from neutrality

I spit contradictions like i got a split personality

I am my own worst enemy, ain’t nobody got a friend in me

Y’all are all two faced, I call that a duality

They poke at my brain

Declare me insane

I’m in sanity

Step out of my mind

The gears grind and wind as i struggle to find

A light of a different kind

It isn’t inside

I vomit more information that what was asked for

A comet breaking minds like a glass door

Then people ask me  “what was that for?”

Tell me you forgot, ya lousy actor

Is this an act or

Am I high on the city lights

Coming up from Jackson Heights

Seeing weird (stuff) like a (flippin’) raptor

I’m a rapper, i rap these rhymes like candy bars

I’m m&m’s in a plastic wrapper,

I’ll make you pull out your hair

Born on the year of the hare

Produce this produce without a care

Munching on a carrot

Speeding rhymes I’m the new rabbit

I’ve developed a habit

To rhyme words like praising the lord on a sabbath

Nobody takes that into factor

Lie once, no one takes that for a fact or

Truth, Losers always so sore?

is anyone keeping track of the score

Jeff one

Critics none

The halls fill with laughter

It’s non-stop chatter

Not that it matters

My words usually flow non-stop

Any advice for writer’s block?

Make it quick I’m the clock

Tick tock

My boss’s always on my—

Pardon my aggression

I just need an extension

Get me an extension cord

Plug me in like the outlet was the victim to the sword

That is my word

Out with it, I’m gettin’ bored

This is torture

Talking waterboard

For sure

So I scribble and doodle

Your struggle is futile

The wreckage is brutal

I need something new though

But my mind is itching

My programming glitching

Somebody stop me before i start bitching

I am the sin that was born from within

Comrade lift up your chin

That POP AD that you tried blockin’

HA! Buddy I didn’t even begin

My hackery

Runs without a battery

Battering lives

Filtering flattery

Leaving behind

Only insanity

So he lives in constant




I am a blend, I am a fusion

Of slim, and Lin

M. Miranda

It’s true, son

Read me my rights

And I’ll write you a stanza

Can’t stand up

Or stand this

What kind of hand me down is this

The ability to make strokes on a paper

Epileptics will have strokes

Cover ears and be safer

Cuz I am unchained

Declared me insane

Call batman or bruce wayne

I want to be saved

But for now I am slaved

To quick fire poetry

I got talent, but no soul in me

So i solemnly


To not give a care

I am the opposite of a teddy bear

I am the personification of poetry

I got Edgar Allen Poe in me

I am the raven that’s rapping and got your foot tapping

Get the reference? Now’s the time for laughing

Now let’s test y’all out

What literary device did i just use

A reference to another text, this isn’t a ruse

Take a second, brain cruisin’

Scratch the melon you usin’

C’mon hurry deducin’

I ain’t houdini, no effin’ illusions

Bzzzt! time’s up

“What is allusion?”

Ding ding


I wind up and take another swing

At entering the ring

I’ll make your ears ring

Married to the words

Prove it with my ring

And people dare say

“Those who rap

just can’t sing

They talent no more than

rhyming one or two other things”

That really gets one of my fingers a flipping

Like burgers,

Except now I’mma servin’ murder

At least I ain’t fake

No i ain’t made of plastic

I spit all these ciphers like a spiteful spastic

And the rush that I feel

When you all kneel

It is so real

My hooks they just reel

Like what is the deal

Fan – flippin – tastic

Running on acid

I got that grass lit

A half-wit

A halfling with a dream

To just sing

And that’s it

My words are spaghetti

You already forgetting

Spitting syllables so speedy

You already dizzy

I am the speedy gonzales of poetry

Summoning these sentences senselessly

Knocking Out That Foe In Me

Jefferson J. Jacome is a sophomore majoring in Animation at the School of Visual Arts. “I dubbed this poem ‘Spaghetti Words,’ as it is a tangled but delicious meal of a rhyme.”