Call me Socratic in the religious lighting of the parking lot
In the summer rain, who is to say how roses smell
I smell them all the time
How chrysanthemums disintegrate who is to say, who is to say
I see it all the time, all the time

Cup your hands and hold too much, you’ll lose the most
Weigh the air and weave new wisdoms
Strings of oxygen, strands of vocal chords
Wash my wounds with Gatorade
Spill salt and sugar
Drink from the garden hose
Wear pearls in winter
And toss around ten-cent words
All the time, all the time

On the sidewalks of Illinois
Tend to the Great Lakes
In the windy city, who is to say how water feels
Like silk.
Who is to say, who is to say

Vivienne Tewes’s poem, “Sweet Socracity,” won third prize in the Fourth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. Vivienne, a Los Angeles native, is a twenty-year old Illustration student. Her work primarily explores the female gaze as well as classical beauty mixed with modern minimalistic aesthetics.