The twilight shroud fast drawn about the heavens
and the empyrean lights, those gruesome cuts in the dead-dusk sky,
burgeoning and bulging anew
I took to walking, to escape the smoke, the garrulous raconteurs in their carousing,
the mingling farrago of loss, lust, and labile love
and became the itinerant wanderer
of the by-night demesne
And saw I the torpid reliefs
in marble and diorite
of the faces, vainglory, of those who had been
but are
no more-
Beyond which shone the amber-glowing dormers and lancets
Of their legacy passed on
I wondered and walked and wondered

And then came I to the family plot
Where laid to rest are the facts behind the faces
To my horror
I spied
a dance

lithe bones in the darkness
coltishly swaying to the pluck pluck
of a moonlight mandolin strummed
by the ossuary minstrel


Evan DeCarlo’s story “A Place in the Choir” won second prize in the Fourth Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program Contest. Evan’s story “The Faraway” won first prize in the spring of 2014. He is a senior in the Screenwriting Program at SVA, and is the author of the Children of Noah trilogy of young adult novels. You can find out more about his work at