Swiftly, fluidly, I weave through the multitude, unimpressed.

The plethora of lights, dull in the daytime, the billboards
My head is not down, I’m simply focused, with a destination in
Can’t be late.

Hours pass, my labor is now complete.
I now walk calmly, slowly.
Carelessly stumbling through the empty streets.
I stop, surveying the advertising, the indigents.
A plastic bag glides across the street, an urban tumbleweed.
I look up, the lights brighter than ever, my eyes glimmer,
reflecting their brilliance.
I stand in the middle of the street, smiling to myself, closing
my eyes, sharing the moment with no one.


I will be unimpressed, again.

Carlos Becerra was born in Bogotá, Colombia. He moved back and forth between NYC and the Colombian coastal city of Santa Marta. Originally, he wanted to be a marine biologist, but after a year of study in that field he decided to pursue his passion for photography. He is a freshman majoring in Photography and Video at SVA.