Dare to dress from the 1970s Derby
With warmest regards gangs kill drifters
A far different take to winter,
No-tolerance in addressing doubt
An early encore on fur
an elaborate
               sense of validation skin deep  
	                     	                           give her hand
							    	            a Oscar
The windows in Tinsel Town 
	   		 be of good cheer

Echoes lied in beautiful defense
Playing a new kind of smoke break
					          running so rare in fashion.


Michele Gabrielle Clark is a Graphic Design major who has lived in Brooklyn since 2009. She owns a Mediterranean cafe in Windsor Terrace called Bedawi Cafe and works full time as an art director and vice president for Widow Jane Bourbon Whiskey and Cacao Prieto Chocolate in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Born in Florida, she grew up in Seattle, Washington and spends her free time watching avant-garde films, working in the wood shop, or taking care of her rabbit and two tortoises.