& it’s got a nudie of Eve on it
                     looking down at Her
                                            from the top
                                                     of an apple tree
                           and She’s got a big black Snake’s tail wrapped right around Her  
                                                                                                      little left finger
as it would turn out, God has friends and family     	even co-workers
Many Gods, whose job it is to produce and maintain a planet	
                                                                        pro bono
                           His boss observes His work from underneath coke-bottle eyeglasses
                           with doubt, He is always measuring His worth,
                           and He’s concerned He will have to downsize.
God says, Everything I make to live	 dies.
the willows weep
They die,		 but still, 		a maple left to grow old
                                       will grow old, and the willows will
                                       weep and the old man will fear and cry for death
                                       locusts whine their way through the sun and
                                                         water seldom dies but
                                                                  dries up instead
God says
          I am misunderstood.
          I am not a bad guy.
          I am good enough, God-damn-it.

I don’t get paid enough
for this shit, and there’s the problem, God says.

God goes to sleep each night scared for the next day. God has lost weight he didn’t need to lose.
God hasn’t laughed since World War II. God used up all his vacation days watching movies he
made himself.
God has never been the same since he let himself go
                                                                               among his own

Lauren Kristin is a Photo & Video major at SVA who will graduate in 2016. “I deal in ideal idols,” she says.