who can retell

throw me a stanza
throw me a line
a shatter a shiver
a smash
like bombs like guns
throw me a phrase
throw me a lyric
boom boom boom boom
like now now nownow nownow
like poems that burst
like petals
like music
throw me a line
throw me a love
like wild flowers
like odes like suites
(who can retell)
like colors
like amber like jasper
like copper like bronze
like amethyst
like ruby like sapphire
like aqua like celadon
cerulean like mango
like ginger like robin’s egg
like cinnabar like citron
now now now now
throw me a stanza
throw me a line
like jazz like klezmer
like blues like s-l-i-d-e
like improv like interval
like cadence vibrato
like major like minor
like tempo tonality
adagio allegro
atonal like forte
legato pianissimo
like octave like staff
like rhythm like pitch
like melody
like voice like harmony

who can retell
who can retell
like now now now now
like coda like encore
throw me a stanza
throw me a line
a lyric a quatrain
a pantoum
a sonnet sestina
a limerick a ghazal
a haiku a villanelle
a ballad a blank verse
a stream of consciousness
a list a missive
a missive a missive
throw me a burst
of love of love
of love love love love
like bombs like guns
like friendly fire
now now now now
now now now now
who can retell


romance erotic

smudge of soft steel in july
is the color of northern new mexico
sky that ensnares you
even before the clouds coal over
and burst
even if the wind doesn’t crackle
with rain you’re wet
and more than ready to be taken

Poet/performance artist Davida Singer’s most recent collection, Port of Call, was a finalist for the 2012 Audre Lorde Poetry Award. A new chapbook, naked romance and then some, will be out in January 2015, and Santa Fe pianist, John Rangel, has composed a jazz suite to accompany the poetry in performance. Singer teaches writing and literature at SVA and Hunter College.