Don’t Hate Me For Saying

“When I’m rushing on my run and I feel just like Jesus’ son . . .”
“Heroin”—The Velvet Underground

People think Jesus doesn’t exist anymore. Sure, some Christians say he’ll be coming back, and surely, most narcissistically, during their lifetime. He’s just aching to shake their special hand. But most people think this is bullshit. Jesus may have existed, but he was likely a schizophrenic and surely isn’t coming back.

But I’ve hung out with Jesus. Hell, I’ve even channeled him! You probably don’t believe me. But really—look around the city streets. He’s all over.

In the cold pinned eyes of society’s dregs. All my bumming friends
on the city blocks. Hated, suffering, bleeding from the holes in their bodies. It’s easy for people to judge. But when you’re the lowest rung on the ladder, you don’t judge. You are only judged . . . and crucified.

Scribbling peace and goodwill on cardboard signs.

Though you can’t blame a person . . . for not wanting to shake . . . a dirty hand.


Are You Happy Now? (with three lines from Sylvia Plath)

Dirty hair
Dirty thoughts

Hairy legs
And hairy situations

I get so scummy when I’m clean
“A disturbance in mirrors

I miss . . .”
A strange boy with no future
In a boarded up house
With stinging pests
Sharp objects strewn about
Blood running down our arms
“They threaten
to let me through to a heaven”

Forced retribution
How little I care
How sorry I should be
I’ll say that I am
Assume it is for you
“Lies, lies and a grief”

Katie Szymanski is a junior with the Film/Video department. She hails from New Jersey, enjoys the bliss inspired by a good read or a plain old sponge bath, and excels in the fine art of self-deprecating humor. Like everyone else, she’s just trying to make it in this crazy world.