You know who you are

If you’re unsure, keep reading


Long summers and tall trees and tall legs you climbed

To the skinniest branch imaginable

And I glanced


When you tested the twigs beneath your feet

Hopping and dancing,

You never fell


Palms rough, calloused

Scratching crumbling stone after a leap of faith

Brought us to the old water works

Hidden in the forest,

We decorated our new home

Making sure to breathe through our shirts


You never fell

Climbing the old, rusty ladder to the overhead lines

Hopping engines and running beside them

To the shop to sort through expired goods

And drink your winnings, only after

Navigating no-good carpentry

Over a waterfall

A risk we all took


When winter froze over town

You walked the pond

If I needed you

You were at my door, pink

Unable to sail down with your bike
But in boots, covered in white,

Framed by the warmth of the front door

You never fell



You know who you are,

Keep reading.



Shortcuts with tall pines

The hot sun, the cemetery

A procession delayed us

Shiny piano cars in a row

We were captivated


The tall blue pines and the smell of fresh dirt

Is it still the same?


Summers, I’m in walking distance

But I can’t bring myself to visit you

I’m Sorry

Madeline Mortensen is a first-year Illustration major at the School of Visual Arts. Madeline is new to writing, and is slowly learning to become more comfortable with the medium while learning to accept its innate vulnerability.