In the evening after the final performance,
Tell me if the opening number disturbed you
The way low hanging moons disturb
Howling hounds and stargazers
Their telescopes flooded with visions of men and cheese

In the canyon over the bend
The young men pluck the stars from the evening sky
And they fall asleep to dreams of cowboys and horses,
John Wayne pasted with Elmer’s Glue to the walls of their bedrooms and to the walls of their hearts
The viewers uneasy and unaware

After the final performance, tell me you love me
And hang the stars to the left.

Fernando Snellings’ “Wayne’s American Men” won second prize in 2015 in the Third Annual School of Visual Arts Writing Program contest. Fernando is a senior at SVA, majoring in advertising. His view of Americana through the eyes of his southern upbringing has influenced his work. He is a fan of BBQ, Antiques Roadshow, and perfecting a British accent.